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AI Assessment

Your AI Journey Starts Here: Assess, Transform, Succeed

AI Assessment

The AI Assessment is your organization's key to unlocking the transformative potential of AI. It provides an insightful evaluation of your AI readiness across critical dimensions, offering a clear roadmap for improvement. With the AI Assessment, you'll gain a competitive edge by uncovering your strengths and weaknesses, which will help enhance efficiency, productivity, and innovation across your business.

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Comprehensive Assessment Report

A detailed evaluation of your AI capability and readiness, with insights and recommendations.


Executive Summary

A concise overview of the assessment report designed for top executives.


AI Readiness Matrix

A visual representation of your organization's readiness in various AI dimensions.


Employee Feedback Summary*

A document summarizing anonymous employee feedback regarding AI adoption and organizational culture.

What you get

What to expect

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Initial Consultation

Duration: 1 -2 hours
Client Effort: Low

Discovery Meeting: We'll start with an initial consultation where our team will meet with your key stakeholders. This meeting can be conducted virtually, at your convenience. During this discussion, we will gather basic information about your organization, your business objectives, and any existing AI-related initiatives.

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Assessment Execution

Duration: 2 - 4 weeks
(depending on size & complexity of organization)
Client Effort: Minimal

Data Collection: Our team will work independently to gather relevant data, including information on your existing AI infrastructure, data governance practices, training and skill development programs, and more. This process is designed to minimize your involvement.


Anonymous Employee Surveys: To understand the organizational culture, we may distribute anonymous surveys to select employees. These surveys will be short and designed to take minimal time.

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Evaluation Report & Feedback

Duration: 1 -2 weeks
(after data collection)
Client Effort: Low

Report Preparation: Our team will compile the gathered data, conduct assessments based on the AI Capability and Readiness Framework, and prepare a comprehensive evaluation report.


Feedback Session: We will schedule a feedback session to present the findings and recommendations to your organization's key stakeholders. This session can be conducted virtually, and your participation will be crucial for discussing the results and planning next steps.

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