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Value Sprint

Unlock your innovation's potential with Itero Group's Value Sprint. We engage the entire organization to identify growth opportunities, boost efficiency, and 

empower you with measurable results. 

What we do


The Value Sprint focuses on desired outcomes and promises made at the onset of an initiative.


Our role is to evaluate the anticipated results, strategic choices, risk, and value being delivered.

Stakeholder Interviews: Meet with team members at different levels of involvement across the organization to ensure their insights are incorporated into the process.


Risk Assessment: Evaluate the level of risk associated with the innovation understanding high-risk innovations may have higher potential rewards but also higher chances of failure. Incorporate risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans into the IOI Plan. 

Opportunity Evaluation: Conduct a thorough assessment of the current effort to identify opportunities for improvement, growth, or efficiency.


Analyze Measurables: Review KPIs, reports, current value measures, and operational data. Conduct retrospectives, analysis of alternatives, retrospectives, and feedback sessions.


Our experienced team will facilitate a series of activities to sure-up alignment between the innovation strategy and business goals and objectives. 

IOI Plan Formulation: Develop an Impact on Investment (IOI) Plan that aligns with the organizational mission, outlining strategies to measure and deliver value to stakeholders, sponsors, and the team.


Directional Workshops: Conduct workshops to set clear directions based on the Value Sprint findings and the IOI Plan, ensuring alignment with organizational priorities.

Outcome Measurement Framework Design: Design a comprehensive framework for measuring outcomes, enabling the organization to gauge success in terms of efficiency, customer experience, and work completion.

Decision-Making Enhancement Workshops: Conduct workshops aimed at enhancing decision-making by analyzing areas of impact and fostering critical thinking among leadership.


This sprint concludes by defining the anticipated results of our directional decisions and establishing measurable parameters to gauge the impact of these strategic choices.


Innovation Charter: Synthesize our learnings. Outline a clear program mission, prioritized goals and objectives, and measurable areas of impact.  

Communication Plan: Develop a communication strategy to share concise descriptions of the program mission and desired outcomes with the broader organization.​

Stakeholder Reporting: Establish a system for regular progress reviews, allowing for timely adjustments, and ensuring ongoing alignment with organizational priorities. 


Impact on Investment Plan: Design the measures that will inform decision-making and translate innovation to impact.  

Impact on Investment 

The Impact on Investment (IOI) model measures the real-world value of innovations, optimization, and modernization activities. Looking only at ROI provides a singular view of costs but misses the bigger picture of the true value of an initiative – one seen by the person, team, or organization that the initiative was ultimately designed to benefit.

Typical Outcomes


Optimize Performance

The Value Sprint identifies opportunities for agility and efficiency within current investments. Areas of impact allow teams to rapidly pivot to changing mission requirements, to continuously improve the customer experience, and to finish work faster.


Accelerate Impact to the Mission 

Itero Group will prepare the Impact on Investment (IOI) Plan to measure the true value delivered to stakeholders, sponsors, leadership, and team members. The desired outcomes will be designed to advance the mission or purpose.  


Improve Decision-Making

The IOI Plan sets a clear direction. Analysis of the areas of impact inspires critical thinking and makes it simple to respond to mission needs for new or updated capabilities. 

Ignite your Innovation Journey Today

Sprint with us.  As change agents in the Federal consulting industry, Itero Group brings new thinking.  Our experts are fundamentally changing the expectations our clients have for shared accountability and measured value.

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