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Alignment Sprint

Itero Group experts build a shared vision across your executive leadership during the Alignment Sprint. Together, we will define a clear program mission, strengthen governance around capital commitments, and establish desired outcomes that can be measured and shared to drive long-term value.  

What we explore


Why make a change?

The Alignment Sprint can be challenging, but our experts provide guidance and support throughout the process to understand unique perspectives and create a shared vision for success. 

Stakeholder Interviews: Our team will identify a set of key executive stakeholders representing different perspectives across the organization.  


What to prioritize? 

Our experienced team will facilitate a series of workshops to help organizations align their innovation strategy with the business goals and objectives. 

Stakeholder Workshops: We will facilitate, consult, collaborate, and guide a series of discussions and activities designed to evaluate and prioritize goals and objectives.  


Strategic Alignment: In order to support our case for action, some workshops will explore strategic efforts integral to steering the program out of status quo.


What are desired outcomes?

This sprint concludes by defining the anticipated results of the decisions and establishing measurable value to gauge the impact of strategic choices.


Alignment Document: We will synthesize our learnings and outline a clear program mission and desired outcomes.  


Impact Measures:  These are the things that we will measure to determine if we made the right decisions. Our Impact on Innovation (IOI) Plan is your roadmap to translating opportunities into impact.

Typical Outcomes


The Case for Action

Our team will prepare a consolidated list of Requirements, Risks, Goals, and Objectives. 


Big Decisions

The workshops will inform change. Turbocharge your problem-solving skills, swiftly addressing challenges and ... Propel your organization forward with strategic solutions, conquering complex problems and driving change.


Measurable Outcomes

Itero Group will prepare the Impact on Investment (IOI) Plan to use as a guide for decision-making. Our Alignment Sprint will identify competing priorities and remove barriers that may hinder success. Together, we will enhance each team's ability to impact the organizational mission.

Ignite your Innovation Journey Today

Sprint with us.  As change agents in the Federal consulting industry, Itero Group brings new thinking.  Our experts are fundamentally changing the expectations our clients have for shared accountability and measured value.

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