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Ideation Sprint 

Create the Art of Possible

Ideation Sprints create a change-mindset across your organization. We build a culture of innovation through inspiration events, interactive discussions, workshops, and activities. 

Our team will capture your most pressing challenges and operational improvements. As we build your pipeline, our scoring and analysis will inform your strategic plan.  

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The Goal

To generate a quantity of creative ideas from diverse perspectives.

What you get 


Inspiration activities, one-on-one meetings, workshops, and innovation events happen throughout the Ideation Sprint. Ideas go through an intake process to build a list of innovations. Innovation List is a curated selection of actionable ideas identified during the Ideation Sprint, tailored to your organization's specific needs and goals.


Our analysis aims to assess the quality of ideas, filtering out those that may not be feasible or impactful. Innovative ideas are categorized with key data to inform themes and to map to stakeholders. The Ideation Sprint analysis informs a Strategic Plan of prioritized innovations and areas of impact to the mission. 


The Innovation Pipeline is a curated report of actionable ideas identified throughout the Ideation Sprint. 

Typical Outcomes


Participants leave inspired

Most people are hesitant to join ideation workshops, because it is out of their comfort zone. Our combination of activities makes sure that we hear from a diverse group. Our categorization data and feedback loops keep ideators and stakeholders informed. As we engage everyone - at all levels - and empower them with a comprehensive understanding of innovative technologies and their practical applications, they grow inspired to support change. Previously quiet people ended up meeting and collaborating with new colleagues, presenting ideas, and getting excited about the next steps. 


Get closer to a new solution

Since you come up with so many ideas during ideation, this sprint will bring you one step closer to an actionable innovation. Ideation discussions and workshops are judgment-free. The opportunities within an ideation workshop are endless and adventurous and often lead to innovation! The high scoring ideas can be explored further. Some innovations will be prototyped to ensure they are aligned to user's needs, goals, and expectations.


Continuous improvements

Ideation is not a one-time event; it encourages a continuous improvement mindset. Regular sessions can lead to an ongoing flow of creative ideas and solutions. Our discovery activities initiate ideas, specific user stories, and often personal challenges. This user and stakeholder research allows participants to dive into real customer problems throughout the Ideation Sprint. Continuous improvements are often the first set of wins and start the creative process. 

Schedule your Ideation Sprint Today

Innovation as a Service is the process of finding a third-party - without the bias of your existing culture or any resistance to change - to evaluate options and opportunities to optimize performance. Ideate with us.

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