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Itero Group and Success Story: Providing Independent Verification of the Client’s Learning Management Platform (LMS)

Updated: Feb 28

Itero Group offers a team of delivery experts with decades of combined experience in digital, technology, and process transformations. Our teams collaborate with our clients to increase the frequency of value delivery with greater transparency. The key outcome is to empower optimized delivery teams that are digitally enabled and data-driven so our clients can better innovate, compete, and succeed in today’s world.

Our client,, has a charter that is centered around education as the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, with programming shaped by top experts in responsible drinking, road safety, education, criminal justice, pediatrics, health, and other fields—all to create practical, proven tools for promoting responsible drinking, and decreasing instances of underage drinking and impaired driving. Aligned with this charter, the client engaged with a vendor partner to launch a Leaning Management Platform (LMS) to deliver a robust learning management system covering multiple personas to enhance alcohol awareness.

“This program was designed for our funding members’ employees, and we needed it to be right from the first day,” said Maureen Dalbec, COO and Senior Vice President of Research and Programs for “As the first program developed for our member companies to use internally, we were committed to not only creating a great tool, but also something that demonstrated what their support (funding) has enabled us to produce.”

With the launch of a new LMS, engaged Itero Group to independently verify the developed solution for functionality, usability and compliance to industry standards associated with the web-based solution.

“We needed a third-party to thoroughly test the program and identify problems a user might experience,” Dalbec said. “This allowed us and our LMS partner to identify and correct errors in the program, and unexpectedly also helped us create resources that will support the implementation of the program, with easy-to-use instructions and FAQs for various user experiences.”

The Itero Group team read requirements, system flows, instructional designs, training modules, and documented user stories to understand the overall application framework. Critical design and delivery flows were validated based on the application and the delivery schedule. Each of the different roles or actors were documented and defined as part of the testing exercise. Once completed, test scripts were executed, results were documented in the platform and the traceability Matrix that covered all aspects of the LMS application and course work.

“The Itero Group team was awesome to work with, especially since this was not an area of expertise or much knowledge for our internal team,” Dalbec added. “They were willing to answer our question, provide suggestion, and really help guide us through the process. The team’s work was so thorough and created scenarios that neither we nor our LMS partner would have thought of testing. With their assistance we turned our program from good to great.”

While automated testing frameworks involves transformation – often meaning new, updated processes that maximize the benefits of digital tools and technologies – it also requires new habits and an agile mindset. Our agile solutions enable our clients to embrace change, scale with agile, optimize delivery, and gain a competitive advantage. The Itero Group testing practice focuses on align to Agile delivery practices for application testing and quality, and how best to integrate those services into the continuous integration and delivery streams (CI/CD). We have a strong team of experienced resources that have broad backgrounds in application testing and quality, including both traditional manual test script and execution, as well as the latest automation frameworks.

Dalbec added: “Thanks to the Itero Group our Responsibility Works tool is a first-rate eLearning tool. We are excited and proud to share it with our members and feel the Itero Group really has been an instrumental partner in the development of this program.”


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