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IG2 Assessment

Itero Group's innovation to impact (IG2) benchmark analysis reveals your relative strength across three dimensions - People, Process, and Technology. 

As we benchmark your current capabilities, we create insights that support decision-making along your innovation journey. 

These insights allow our innovation experts to further evaluate your Innovation Practices and Innovation Platforms.  Are you prepared to become a serial innovator? 


Talent and Culture. Leaders foster an organizational culture that grants prestige to new thinking and values openness and thoughtful challenges to the status quo. They assign their very best talent, including true business builders, to the most ambitious innovation challenges.

Project Management. Effective innovation today requires empowered, multidisciplinary teams that bring external market and customer insights to bear in shaping value propositions. Such teams have a clear view of the company’s strategic advantage, and they put that advantage to use in new product and service development. To be effective, they must be small yet functionally diverse and able to act autonomously and make their own decisions.



Clear Ambition. Top innovators pursue their objectives with clarity and consistency. They set aspirational goals that align with corporate strategy, and they establish value creation targets that rally talent to invent better ways to serve customers and society. Company leadership quantifies, appropriately resources, and drives the innovation agenda from the top.



Innovation Domains. Deciding where to play is essential. The best innovators define clear opportunities for customer benefit that the organization then aspires to own. They ground the innovation strategy in deep customer insight and adjust nimbly to shifting opportunities. They focus on a limited number of innovation domains in which they can leverage a unique strategic asset or capability, such as superior customer access, that others cannot match.

For many leaders, especially technology leaders, innovation is fast becoming a part of their formal responsibility set, whether they are ready or not. 


Data-Driven Insights

Impact Measures.  

Moving the innovation needle quickly entails linking ambition to measurable KPIs that faithfully report performance. KPIs can be activity-driven or outcome-oriented depending on where you are in the Innovation Journey. Recognize leaders who not only push promising new ideas but also recognize and ditch failures early in the process. (We call this "the ability to PIVOT" at Itero Group.)

Image by Mudassir Ali



  • Do you put your best talent on innovation?

  • Do you collect ideas and inspiration from all levels of the organization?

  • Does the organization bring new skills and capabilities from outside?

  • Do you have best-practice project management capabilities? subject matter expertise?



  • Are program goals well-known and tracked?

  • Do you have an innovation strategy?

  • Does leadership value ideation sessions?

  • Does the governance structure support or stifle innovation?

  • Do you have an innovation funnel? Is it well-balanced? ambitious? consistent with strategy?

  • Does the organization embrace pilots and MVPs?

  • Does the leadership meet regularly to assess progress to goals and objectives?

  • Are you all aligned to the mission?



  • Does your organization provide robust hardware, software, and network capabilities to support scalable technology and process initiatives.

  • Does the technology organization support or stifle innovation?

  • How is the technology roadmap prioritized and managed?

  • Is your technology organization customer or product centric?

  • What is the current operating model for the tech teams? (ex: services?

  • Can you support multiple concurrent customer interactions?



  • Does the organization have operational reports? dashboards?

  • Do you leverage data to drive innovation decisions?

  • Do you collect and manage benchmark data and KPIs?

  • Do you have a well-defined plan for data collection, storage, and management?

  • How do you currently monitor business value and/or value measures?

What we explore

Ignite your Innovation Journey Today

Sprint with us.  As change agents in the Federal consulting industry, Itero Group brings new thinking.  Our experts are fundamentally changing the expectations our clients have for shared accountability and measured value.

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